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Dreid Butterfly Pea Flower


Pea flower is a herb that is known about the causes of black hair long. The substance contained in the pea flower named substance Anthony Saiyan. Available in pea It pea properties in aging the hair as well. It also helps in the healing and maintenance of a healthy body, too.

Dried Rosella


English name Roselle, Jamaica Sorrel, Rama

The shrub is small, branched, trunk, branches are red, 1-2 meters high, the leaves are palm-shaped. There are many sheets. Leaves smooth or wavy 3-5 leaves wide and long, about 8-12 cm in length, a single flower on the leaves. Petals pink or light yellow. In the middle of the petals are magenta, leaves and ornamental flowers are dark red, will remain and extend the cover. The ovate has a short beak and a yellowish veil.